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Amy Langley has been an athletic trainer since 2002, and her time at REL began in 2010. She graduated from Milton District High School, Ontario, Canada. Amy has a degree in Sports Injury Management from Sheridan College, a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, and a MS in Athletic Training from the University of Florida. Amy is married to Brad Langley, and they have two boys, Brayson and Andrew, and one daughter, Emma Kate.

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Colin Shillinglaw has been a NATA certified and Texas Licensed athletic trainer since 1988. His time at Robert E. Lee started in 2017. He served as athletic trainer for Stephenville ISD for 15 years. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of Northern Iowa and a master’s degree in sports health from Texas Tech University. Shillinglaw is married to Donna Shillinglaw, and they have two children; Kaylin Rice and Matt Shillinglaw.




Amanda Arakawa joined the REL staff in 2018 as a recent graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Master of Science in Athletic Training. Amanda also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness and Human Performance from SFA. Prior to her time at SFA, she spent two years at Tyler Junior College. She is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed in the state of Texas. Amanda is originally from Hawaii but is proud to have called East Texas her second home since 2012. When not working or covering sporting events you can find Amanda spending time with her four-legged fur child Tucker.




Dr. Jayesh K. Patel is a physician with CHRISTUS® Trinity Clinic and is the Team Doctor for the Robert E. Lee Red Raiders. He specializes in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. 

He attended Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine for his medical degree, practiced his residency at University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky, Orthopedic Surgery, and performed his fellowship at Texas Methodist / Baylor Medical Center, Houston, Texas, Sports Medicine. 

He is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

As REL’s Team Doctor, he attends all Friday night games, home and away, and evaluates injured REL athletes one morning a week. There is also a free Saturday morning injury clinic provided by CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances that can see our athletes.


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Amy Langley, Taylor Hinds, Arieyanna Williams, Relayna Kimbrough, Michael Ruiz, Asiyanna Asbell, Dya'mond Banks, Idayzjah Maxie-Whitaker, Clarke Ricks, Amanda Arakawa,Colin Shillinglaw

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Trinity Tatum, Lluvia Reyes, Danyelle Daniels, Alisha White, Emma Bennett, Jennifer Contreras, Beya Medellin

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Aneiyah Seaton, Anasia Maxie-Whitaker

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Elicia Ross, Gisella Martinez, Precious Henry, AJ Meyers, Quarzella Black


What is an Athletic Trainer?


Athletic Trainers (AT’s) are highly skilled health care professionals who work with organizations to advise on and execute plans to address issues such as emergency and preventative care, environmental conditions, facility and equipment safety and other sports-related matters.

What can AT’s do for Robert E Lee athletes?


Our athletic training staff can treat anything from a bruise or a scrap, to broken bones, injuries requiring surgery (like ACL tears), and all those commonoveruse injuries. We also handle emergency situations involving our athletes, and referrals to physicians and surgeons.  The REL athletic training staff treats injuries from the second it happens, including immediate treatment, setting up imaging (X-rays, MRI’s) and physician referrals all the way to the rehabilitation and recovery needed for each particular injury. 

Where are the AT’s located? When can I see them?


We attend every single home game for REL, as well as varsity football games. We are in contact with the staff AT’s at away games in the case of an injury occurring to one of our athletes. Our training room is located in the M building. We are available to treat athletes before school, during their athletic period (if they are unable to participate in practice) and after school.

What if my athletes gets injured?


If your athlete incurs a major injury, you will receive a phone call from us and we will guide you through the steps needed. If the injury occurs outside of the school day, or away from school, please only go to the ER if it is a true emergency. We can handle most non-emergency injuries in the training room, and can thus save you a long wait in the ER, and dealing with the resulting bills. Things like ankle sprains, and even some broken bones can be splinted and do not need to be seen in the ER. We have a team physician-orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jayesh Patel, who evaluates injured REL athletes one morning a week, and attends all Friday night games. There is also a free Saturday morning injury clinic provided by Christus Trinity Mother Frances that can see our athletes. When in doubt- CALL US FIRST! We can help direct you to the best care possible for your athlete. 


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You can contact Amy Langley at:

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903-504-0427 cell

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